Good Life (part 1): A six-week CoCo Skills+ course

Datum: 21 mei 2024 (di)
Tijd: 19:00 - 22:00

Good Life (part 1): A six-week CoCo Skills+ course for co-counsellors that starts in May 2024.

Do you have a stubborn pattern that seems to be difficult to budge?
Do you want to explore further your emotional world beyond your regular sessions?
Do you want to deepen your co-counselling skills for yourself and others?

Good Life is a holistic CoCo course where you will be able to explore deeper layers within yourself through expressing your feelings and being in touch with your body. You will explore with existing and new tools deeper layers within yourself, through your feelings and your body. You could also call it personal development.

You can free yourself from deeper and often still unconscious patterns. Patterns that you actually know keep hindering you from living freely.In whatever situation you may find yourself in, you will enjoy the benefits of this course for the rest of your life.
As a co-counsellor, you will build on your interpersonal skills and expand your intuition and empathy for humanity.
If you are interested, you might also discover that there’s more ‘between heaven and earth’.
This course will enable you to expand and learn more about yourself and others.
Working together we will ensure that the ‘hard work’ and ‘good feeling’ will enrich our life experiences.


Dates 14 May, 21 May, 28 May, 4 June, 11 June, 18 June.

(Part 2 takes place in the autumn and builds on what we have explored in Part 1).

Time 18.30 – 21.00 BST (GMT+1)

Online, with possibilities to join other community events

Early bird rate until April 30, 2024


More information []

Contact or Debbie at

CoCo Network [https://www.facebook

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online trainingen Engeland

Datum: 24 jan 2024 (wo)
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00

Online Basiscursussen Co-counseling vanuit Engeland,

Fris je kennis en vaardigheden op


  • Kathleen Cassidy geeft een online basiscursus, met verzoek deze informatie te delen en te kijken of er in je omgeving mensen zijn die mogelijk hieraan mee zouden willen doen. Na deze cursus, die steeds 12 weken duurt, kunnen deelnemers meedoen aan nationale en internationale bijeenkomsten. Je kunt ook zelf op deze manier eens je vaardigheden opfrissen.


Winter/Lente 2024 - Co-Counseling Training - Online | CoCo Info (





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CCI-2024/05 USA

Datum: 7 mei 2024 (di) - 12 mei 2024 (zo)
Gehele dag evenement
Locatie: USA, Chester

CCI-USA Annual International Workshop

We are at a beautiful new venue this year.  There are more lodging options including camping this year, and the participant cost is much lower.

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cercle d’ecoute mutuelle 18 december 2023

Datum: 18 dec 2023 (ma)
Tijd: 19:00 - 20:15

How about it? Are you up for it?
Book Monday 18 December from 7pm to 8.15pm for our meeting and register here:
We will send the zoom link to people who entered their e-mail address in the form on the morning of 18 December.
You can pass on this registration link to anyone trained in listening to each other and wishing to work "beyond the boundaries of language".
Good luck to you in the meantime!

Rim, Marcus and Floriane

My name is Rim and I am a member of the Paris Cercle d'Ecoute Mutuelle. In coordination with the German CCI, we would like to invite you to a meeting beyond the borders of language.
We are sending you this email because you are one of the 44 people present at the CCI who speak several languages. In total, 18 languages were represented at the CCI this year. This is a precious thing for an international collective, and we want to emphasise it even more.
We also believe it is necessary to create a more inclusive IAB for people whose first language is not English. Let's experience linguistic diversity together, as part of our commitment to listening to each other! To this end, we invite you to a CCI egalitarian practice meeting (co-counselling) per zoom. Egalolingualism means that no speaker is sidelined because of their lack of command of the language.
This is our goal, and we want to work with you to achieve it. If you have any ideas or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

The meeting will consist of an opening circle, reflections, mini-sessions and a closing circle.
We will work in multilingual groups, focusing on emotions rather than content, working non-verbally and using the signs of the invitations that you will find in the attached document. No need to revise, but take a look at it if you wish.
It will be facilitated by Markus and Floriane.


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CCI 2024/01 USA, virtual

Datum: 11 jan 2024 (do) - 14 jan 2024 (zo)
Gehele dag evenement
Locatie: Online

Co-Co Connections 2024
Jan 11-14, 2024

Sign Up Now


Dear Co-Counselor,


Start the New Year off in a good way!  Enjoy the fun, learning, and community connection opportunities of a residential workshop - from the comfort of your own home!

Learn more and sign up here:


You can download the flyer via this link: Co-Co Connection 2024 Invitation
Nearly 100 people participated last year from all around the world.


If you're thinking about signing up, we recommend you register early.  It helps with planning support groups.  Also, since this is a co-created workshop with topic group offerings, you'll have access to see, ask for, and offer ideas ahead of time!


Your payment is refundable through January 4th.


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CCI 2024/07 Germany

Datum: 13 jul 2024 (za) - 19 jul 2024 (vr)
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00
Locatie: Germany, Papenburg

European CCI in Germany

From saturday 13 july to Friday 19 july 2024

Hi lovely co-counsellers,
All CCI co-counsellors are warmly invited to the 2024 European summer event in Germany.



About the event

The venue will be in Papenburg, Germany.
Information can be found in their flyer in German or English.


Further information can be found here or here.





Registration for this CCI will be opened on Friday, 29 September 2023 at 14.00 German time. Be quick if you need a single room.
The link will be: (You can't see the website before that date.)




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CCI 2023/05 – USA

Datum: 9 mei 2023 (di) - 14 mei 2023 (zo)
Gehele dag evenement

Mike Root, from the USA, informed us about the following upcomming international event:


CCI  USA Annual Workshop, Tuesday, May 9 - Sunday, May 14, 2023

You are invited to join us for

  • CCI-USA's Annual International Workshop
  • Date: Tues., May 9 to Sun., May 14  2023
  • Location: Wisdom House Retreat Center in Litchfield, Connecticut (
  • ThemeLights, Camera, Life Action!

Please consider joining us! Bursary help is available if money is a concern -- we can also help with local housing and transportation needs before and after the workshop. Two important updates about the workshop:

  • We will NO longer require a PCR lab test prior to attendance at the workshop. We still plan to do daily antigen testing (self-administered nasal swabs) prior to and at the workshop. We did that last year, and it went very smoothly -- organizers supplied the tests, and participants simply added that to their morning wake-up routine. For many of us, doing what we can to reduce the risk of transmitting or catching Covid makes deciding to attend CCI much easier -- especially because many of us are looking forward to real hugs, and have no interest in social distancing!
  • We'll also be offering Fundamentals Part 1 at the workshop for newcomers to co-counseling! Fundamentals participants will share circles, meals, and some other activities with workshop participants, while learning and practicing Fundamentals in morning and afternoon sessions. Fundamentals spaces are limited -- anyone interested should contact Judy Hartling ( or 413-454-1585) as soon as possible.

More information about the workshop and Fundamentals class can be downloaded from below. If you have any questions about the workshop, please let Mike Root or Kathryn Bass know.

  • Mike Root - CCI-USA Communication Coordinator,
  • Kathryn Bass - CCI-USA Communication Coordinator,

If you're ready to register, you can use this Google form to register online, or you can mail in the paper form attached.

(Anyone interested in Fundamentals should contact Judy Hartling before registering --


We hope to see you there!
Mike & Kathryn


Information details, for download


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CCI 2023/01 – USA Virtual

Datum: 11 jan 2023 (wo) - 15 jan 2023 (zo)
Gehele dag evenement
Locatie: Online

2023 International Virtual Workshop


Connection and support in a virtual world

 January 11-15, 2023

Location: Online


In January 2023, our co-counsel friends from the USA are hosting an international virtual CCI workshop. They did it before in 2021, and about 100 people participated from across the US and Europe with great enthusiasm throughout. So, they are doing this again.

Come and be part of it!


Costs, details and registration:

  • $70 US East coast & central / $45 US west coast and mountain
  • Free for international participants, donations welcome
  • The pricing scale reflects that not all program times will be convenient in all timezones
  • Go to the website for the latest updates.
  • Download this pdf-document and registration is now open via this link.


On behalf of the org team of Wendy Bruce, Jen Hartt, Michael Root, Scott Wakefield, and Victor Williams we would like to invite you to join!




What is a CCI Workshop?

A CCI Workshop is a multi-day space where the CCI Co-Counseling community comes to connect, celebrate each other, and grow. There will be circles with the entire community from around the world. There will be opportunities to do paired sessions.
There will be 5 to 6 person support groups that meet daily to support each other through Co-Counseling.


There will also be offerings throughout each day called topic groups, which are 90ish minute sessions that may or may not involve Co-Counseling but generally involve personal growth, mind, body, spirit, or community. Some topic groups will be planned in, and others can be offered as the workshop goes along. This is a peer community, and everyone is encouraged to contribute. This results in a co-created organic workshop that evolves as the days go by.


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CCI 2023/07 – Engeland

Datum: 29 jul 2023 (za) - 4 aug 2023 (vr)
Gehele dag evenement
Locatie: Engeland

European CCI in England

From Saturday 29th July to Friday 4th August 2023

All CCI co-counsellors are warmly invited to the 2023 European summer event. It is in the south of England, at Avon Tyrrell, a beautiful historic house on the edge of the New Forest National Park, and 7 miles from the sandy beaches of the south coast. Accommodation is available in shared rooms, with a few twins and singles, or camping in the beautiful surrounding woodland. The event is fully catered, with options for eat-anything, vegetarian and vegan diets – if you have more specific dietary needs, please detail your requirements in your booking and we (and the venue) will do what we can.


The theme of the 2023 event is RENEWAL


Voor meer info en inschrijving, zie de UK site CCI-2023.




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Datum: 4 mei 2022 (wo) - 8 mei 2022 (zo)
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00
Locatie: Connecticut

Onderstaande mail kwam binnen en is voor alle CCN-(aspirant)leden:
'To our international friends: you are invited to join us May 4-8 for CCI-USA's Annual Workshop -- "Open to Change... Open for Growth!" It will be IN PERSON, in Connecticut, with Covid precautions in place. Nation-wide and international members of CCI are especially welcome.'
Voor meer informatie, neem contact op met Judy,

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