CCI 2023/05 – USA

Datum: 9 mei 2023 (di) - 14 mei 2023 (zo)
Gehele dag evenement

Mike Root, from the USA, informed us about the following upcomming international event:


CCI  USA Annual Workshop, Tuesday, May 9 - Sunday, May 14, 2023

You are invited to join us for

  • CCI-USA's Annual International Workshop
  • Date: Tues., May 9 to Sun., May 14  2023
  • Location: Wisdom House Retreat Center in Litchfield, Connecticut (
  • ThemeLights, Camera, Life Action!

Please consider joining us! Bursary help is available if money is a concern -- we can also help with local housing and transportation needs before and after the workshop. Two important updates about the workshop:

  • We will NO longer require a PCR lab test prior to attendance at the workshop. We still plan to do daily antigen testing (self-administered nasal swabs) prior to and at the workshop. We did that last year, and it went very smoothly -- organizers supplied the tests, and participants simply added that to their morning wake-up routine. For many of us, doing what we can to reduce the risk of transmitting or catching Covid makes deciding to attend CCI much easier -- especially because many of us are looking forward to real hugs, and have no interest in social distancing!
  • We'll also be offering Fundamentals Part 1 at the workshop for newcomers to co-counseling! Fundamentals participants will share circles, meals, and some other activities with workshop participants, while learning and practicing Fundamentals in morning and afternoon sessions. Fundamentals spaces are limited -- anyone interested should contact Judy Hartling ( or 413-454-1585) as soon as possible.

More information about the workshop and Fundamentals class can be downloaded from below. If you have any questions about the workshop, please let Mike Root or Kathryn Bass know.

  • Mike Root - CCI-USA Communication Coordinator,
  • Kathryn Bass - CCI-USA Communication Coordinator,

If you're ready to register, you can use this Google form to register online, or you can mail in the paper form attached.

(Anyone interested in Fundamentals should contact Judy Hartling before registering --


We hope to see you there!
Mike & Kathryn


Information details, for download


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CCI 2023/01 – USA Virtual

Datum: 11 jan 2023 (wo) - 15 jan 2023 (zo)
Gehele dag evenement
Locatie: Online

2023 International Virtual Workshop


Connection and support in a virtual world

 January 11-15, 2023

Location: Online


In January 2023, our co-counsel friends from the USA are hosting an international virtual CCI workshop. They did it before in 2021, and about 100 people participated from across the US and Europe with great enthusiasm throughout. So, they are doing this again.

Come and be part of it!


Costs, details and registration:

  • $70 US East coast & central / $45 US west coast and mountain
  • Free for international participants, donations welcome
  • The pricing scale reflects that not all program times will be convenient in all timezones
  • Go to the website for the latest updates.
  • Download this pdf-document and registration is now open via this link.


On behalf of the org team of Wendy Bruce, Jen Hartt, Michael Root, Scott Wakefield, and Victor Williams we would like to invite you to join!




What is a CCI Workshop?

A CCI Workshop is a multi-day space where the CCI Co-Counseling community comes to connect, celebrate each other, and grow. There will be circles with the entire community from around the world. There will be opportunities to do paired sessions.
There will be 5 to 6 person support groups that meet daily to support each other through Co-Counseling.


There will also be offerings throughout each day called topic groups, which are 90ish minute sessions that may or may not involve Co-Counseling but generally involve personal growth, mind, body, spirit, or community. Some topic groups will be planned in, and others can be offered as the workshop goes along. This is a peer community, and everyone is encouraged to contribute. This results in a co-created organic workshop that evolves as the days go by.


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CCI 2023/07 – Engeland

Datum: 29 jul 2023 (za) - 4 aug 2023 (vr)
Gehele dag evenement
Locatie: Engeland

European CCI in England

From Saturday 29th July to Friday 4th August 2023

All CCI co-counsellors are warmly invited to the 2023 European summer event. It is in the south of England, at Avon Tyrrell, a beautiful historic house on the edge of the New Forest National Park, and 7 miles from the sandy beaches of the south coast. Accommodation is available in shared rooms, with a few twins and singles, or camping in the beautiful surrounding woodland. The event is fully catered, with options for eat-anything, vegetarian and vegan diets – if you have more specific dietary needs, please detail your requirements in your booking and we (and the venue) will do what we can.


The theme of the 2023 event is RENEWAL


Voor meer info en inschrijving, zie de UK site CCI-2023.




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Datum: 4 mei 2022 (wo) - 8 mei 2022 (zo)
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00
Locatie: Connecticut

Onderstaande mail kwam binnen en is voor alle CCN-(aspirant)leden:
'To our international friends: you are invited to join us May 4-8 for CCI-USA's Annual Workshop -- "Open to Change... Open for Growth!" It will be IN PERSON, in Connecticut, with Covid precautions in place. Nation-wide and international members of CCI are especially welcome.'
Voor meer informatie, neem contact op met Judy,

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Teachers workshop

Datum: 22 jul 2022 (vr) - 24 jul 2022 (zo)
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00
Locatie: Bakkeveen

Teachers workshop

Prior to the CCI, a teachers workshop will be organised at the same venue.
Click here for further information and registration.



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CCI 2021/04 International virtual workshop

Datum: 14 apr 2021 (wo) - 18 apr 2021 (zo)
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00
Locatie: Online


I wanted to invite you all to join our virtual CCI USA workshop this year.  Here are the details:

  • When? Apr. 14-18, 2021
  • Where? Online across all timezones
  • What? Opening circles/support groups/topic groups and a virtual sofa to hang out and chat
  • Go to to register!

Come join us from where you are, when you can!  Go to for details and our timezone friendly schedule.

Note: The Workshop Circles and the majority of Topic Groups will be facilitated in English -- translation services will not be available.  Of course you can always do your own client work in any language you choose. If you want to offer a Topic Group or Support Group in another language, or to arrange for translation services for your own offering, you are welcome to do so.


Best wishes,

Mike Root


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Online gathering, to celebrate Bob Sawyer’s life

Datum: 30 jan 2021 (za)
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00
Locatie: Online

To Our International Friends


As you may know, Bob Sawyer died unexpectedly of a heart attack on December 16, 2020. Bob was a long-time co-counselor, an active volunteer and leader in CCI-USA,and an enthusiastic attendee at co-counseling workshops around the world. Many of you knew Bob, and know his wife, Dency Sargent (one of the founders of CCI), and his stepdaughter Cat (Cathy) Sargent.


On behalf of Dency and Cathy, we invite you to join members of the worldwide CCI community (and some of Bob's friends and family) as we celebrate Bob's life and mark his passing in an on-line gathering. It will be held via Zoom on Saturday, January 30, 2021 at:
2:00 p.m East Coast U.S. time (EST)
7:00 p.m. UK time
8:00 p.m. European time
9:00 p.m. Israeli time
and 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 31 New Zealand time


We expect the gathering to run 90-120 minutes. Please log on a few minutes early if you can, although you are welcome to join late or leave early if needed. Part of the gathering will be in small groups, so everyone will have a chance to hear and share remembrances of Bob. There will also be an opportunity for a few people to share brief remembrances of Bob in the large group -- if you would like to be one of those people, please let Judy Hartling know as soon as possible, as space for this will be limited. (Email Judy at


Here is the link to join the gathering:


We hope you can join us on the 30th (31st if you're in New Zealand) to remember and celebrate Bob. If you are not familiar with Zoom, please contact Judy BEFORE the 30th -- she'll be happy to guide you through how to download and get started on Zoom. If you have any other questions, please email Michael or Judy.


With warm wishes and a full heart --
Michael Chell & Judy Hartling



Note:  If you would like to contact Dency or Cat directly, you can reach them at:, 503 Jerusalem Hill Rd., Windham, CT 06280, 121 Island Hill Rd., Northampton, MA 01060


If needed, here is the full invite for the Zoom gathering.  We've also attached one of our favorite photos of Bob.
Topic: Bob Sawyer Memorial Celebration


Time: Jan 30, 2021 02:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time (7:00 PM UK time, 8:00 PM European time, 9:00 PM Israeli time, and 8:00 AM on Sunday, Jan. 31 New Zealand time)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 889 6445 7340
Passcode: 953740
Dial by your location
Find your local number:


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CCI 2022/07 – Nederland

Datum: 24 jul 2022 (zo) - 30 jul 2022 (za)
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00
Locatie: Bakkeveen

Van zondag 24 juli t/m zaterdag 30 juli 2022 zal het internationale co-counsel evenement CCI2022 gehouden worden in Nederland, en georganiseerd worden door CCN.

Het vindt plaats in Nieuw Allardsoog te Bakkeveen (Friesland) temidden van mooie natuur, op dezelfde locatie waar we de CCI2017 ook gehouden hebben.


Er worden zo'n 70-90 co-counselers uit verschillende landen verwacht, en het is alleen toegankelijke voor hen die een cocounsel basis training met goed gevolg hebben volbracht.

Alle informatie vind je hier


The CCI2022, from 24 July - 30 July 2022, will organized by the Netherlands.

Click here for further details



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CCI 2021/01 – Nieuw Zeeland (uitgesteld)

Datum: 22 jan 2021 (vr) - 28 jan 2021 (do)
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00
Locatie: Nieuw Zeeland

CCI 2021 Brochure NZ 1 1

CCI 2021/01 - Nieuw Zeeland

Vanwege Covid19 uitgesteld!

Van vrijdag 22 tot donderdag 28 januari 2021 was er een internationale CCI-workshop in Nieuw Zeeland gepland, maar die is uitgesteld vanwege Covid19.

Afhankelijk van de ontwikkelingen wordt het uigesteld naar Januari 2022 of January 2023.

Uitgebreide informatie vind je op hun website


Voor leden. Voor aspirantleden in overleg.

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CCI 2021/07 Teachers workshop – Hongarije

Datum: 18 sep 2021 (za)
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00
Locatie: online
Vooraankondiging Teachers workshop, voorafgaand aan de CCI 2021 in Hongarije. Details volgen.
Alleen voor hen die zich verdiepen in het doorgeven van het co-counselgedachtegoed. Er zijn bijeenkomsten om ervaringen uit te wisselen over hoe teachers en actieve co-counselers in eigen land bijeenkomsten organiseren; in welke vorm; onder welke voorwaarden; hoe ze werven; hoeveel ze vragen; hoe co-counselen verandert door de jaren heen, wat verdwijnt, wat komt ervoor in de plaats.

Hajni liet ons op 8-9-2020 weten:

Dear All,

Athough the pandemic has not decided to finish its work, we are committed to organise the European CCI in Hungary in 2021 as we agreed if the world is safe for events like this.


The venue and time is
Bölcske, Hungary
CCI Europe 2021, Hungary      25th July to 31st
Teachers’ Workshop                23rd July to 25th July

We consider your application valid for the next year and will keep you updated when there is news to share in the matter.

We wish you all the best and great health,

in the name of The Hungarian Organising Team for the CCI 2021,



Hajni liet ons op 9-3-2021 weten:


Dear All who have been interested in the CCI-Europe, Hungary for 2 years now J,


International travel did not seem to be safe in July 2020.  So after a lot of contemplation, discussions and based on an opinion poll we decided to postpone the international event. We were sure by this summer all will be good.

However, things with covid-19 are still not quite so clear. The vaccination programme has started and is proceeding in a lot of countries but we know predictions have been fairly unreliable so far.


At the moment we feel that 3 options are within the odds:

1)      those who feel safe to travel could come and participate in person

2)      those who prefer an online one we will organise a hybrid (virtual and in-person) CCI, Europe

3)      those who prefer neither and have paid will get back their money

The date is going to be the same: July 23rd-31st


We are very unsure of everything at the moment but wanted to let you know that we have not forgotten about you. We will be seeking views late-March, early April and the decision about online or hybrid will be made later based on the feedback we get.

Take care and enjoy the approaching spring,


Hajni, Ágota, Csaba, Saci, Bea, Zsuzsa, Gabi, Donal

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