CCI in Hongarije online


Dear All,


We are thrilled to announce that after a bit  of labouring process our baby has been born:

there WILL BE an online CCI Europe  🙂


The dates are July 23-27, Friday to Tuesday.

Starting at 8 CET / 7 BST on Friday, finishing the same times on Tuesday trying to facilitate early risers in NZ as well.


We had an international kick-off meeting today with friends who had offered to support the Hungarian team.

We strongly believe that it will be a superb platform to connect.


So pencil the dates in 🙂


Registration forms will come out shortly.


We are planning to dedicate a workshop for Teaching Cocounselling at this event before we put on a full day on Saturday, September 18.


Hoping to see many of you again.


Ágota, Aisha, Alan, Dónal, Gabi, Joke, Saci

CCI online


I (Alan Trangmar) was thinking I would like to have at least an online meeting with familiar and new coco faces this summer.   And then Aisha did all the work to create , at which all nationalities are welcome, and travel is free …    It has already been advertised on the Facebook groups and on cocolist, this is an extra note to encourage you to book:  it will be international if you make it international by turning up to it!
We are sending this to the list from CCI-D 2019 but we do not mean to exclude any co-counsellors, please forward if there are other people in your countries who would be interested.  

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de toekomst van Haus Kloppenburg


Heel wat Nederlandse cocounselers hebben goede herinneringen aan de gastvrijheid van Haus Kloppenburg in Münster in Duitslan. Een plek waar duizenden cocounselers werden opgeleid, aanvankelijk door Siglind Willms en Johannes Risse, inmiddels door een team van trainers. Waar voorafgaand aan Duitse CCI’s de teachers welkom waren voor de teachersworkshop. Om de toekomst van deze unieke plek zeker te stellen is een grote aktie gaande.

Door middel van crowdfunding wordt geld bijeengebracht om het eeuwenoude pand voor de toekomst en daarmee voor de – internationale – cocounselwereld te behouden.

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Ierse website over CCI


Het Ierse CCI netwerk heeft nu een website over de komende Europese CCI zomerworkshop. Je vindt er alle informatie over de CCI, de teachersworkshop en reisinformatie, en foto’s van de accommodatie, genomen tijdens een vorige CCI. Het adres is

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