McCoCo 2012

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Would you like an inspiring, exciting four-day coco residential?
Come to McCoCo 2012, 3-7 May!
Would you like an inspiring, exciting one-day coco conference afterwards?
Come to the McCoCo Conference, 8 May!
Would you like to offer a workshop at McCoCo?
Would you like to offer a theme for the Conference?
In both cases: contact JanPieter

How do we support inspiration at McCoCo?

This year we would like to support inspiration at McCoCo in three ways:
1. the Workshop Market
developed and tried at last year’s CCI in Hungary. This is a fast and effective way of bringing people together who want a workshop to happen. This Workshop Market will happen on the Thursday night and supports the spontaneous creation of workshops.
2. inviting people to offer workshops beforehand
so we can publish them.
The last two years we experimented with this. We did this in the hope to attract even more people to McCoCo, as we and Wiston Lodge need a minimum of 35 people in order to have the sole use of the venue!
This action worked well: many inspiring workshops were published beforehand and also created spontaneously during McCoCo.
Combined with CoCo Café all these workshops created a great buzz of inspiration. Indeed the best “complaint” was that McCoCo had been so exciting and inspiring that they needed several days to “recover” from it.
Click on the links below (You need to be registered with CoCoInfo in order to access some of these links):
So do let us know what workshop you would like to offer so that we can publish that more widely.
3. organising an exhibition
Last year we invited Rudolf Giesselmann to have his premiere exhibition ˜Just listen” repeated at the CCI in Hungary. We know already who is offering an exhibition this year, but we would like to keep it a surprise for the time being…
Click on the links below to see the Pictures and Videos of Rudolf’s ‘Just listen’ exhibition and Dymphna Headen’s opening speeches

early Bird booking date McCoCo

2012: 15 March


No problem. Talk to us so we can discuss how we could support you.


Hopefully we see you at McCoCo 2012,
Anne Denniss, Chris Jamieson and JanPieter Hoogma.
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McCoCo Conference

Last year’s conference was about “What can we learn from ‘Haus Kloppenburg’ as a Co-Counselling Business Model?” Ten people attended and apart from having a really good time together, the conference had the following results:
The minutes of the conference.
The ˜Resonance listening” method for sharing ideas.
Report will be published shortly at CoCoInfo.
Contact JanPieter show your interest.

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