CCI 2023/01 – USA Virtual

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Einddatum: 15 jan 2023 (zo)
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Locatie: Online

2023 International Virtual Workshop


Connection and support in a virtual world

 January 11-15, 2023

Location: Online


In January 2023, our co-counsel friends from the USA are hosting an international virtual CCI workshop. They did it before in 2021, and about 100 people participated from across the US and Europe with great enthusiasm throughout. So, they are doing this again.

Come and be part of it!


Costs, details and registration:

  • $70 US East coast & central / $45 US west coast and mountain
  • Free for international participants, donations welcome
  • The pricing scale reflects that not all program times will be convenient in all timezones
  • Go to the website for the latest updates.
  • Download this pdf-document and registration is now open via this link.


On behalf of the org team of Wendy Bruce, Jen Hartt, Michael Root, Scott Wakefield, and Victor Williams we would like to invite you to join!




What is a CCI Workshop?

A CCI Workshop is a multi-day space where the CCI Co-Counseling community comes to connect, celebrate each other, and grow. There will be circles with the entire community from around the world. There will be opportunities to do paired sessions.
There will be 5 to 6 person support groups that meet daily to support each other through Co-Counseling.


There will also be offerings throughout each day called topic groups, which are 90ish minute sessions that may or may not involve Co-Counseling but generally involve personal growth, mind, body, spirit, or community. Some topic groups will be planned in, and others can be offered as the workshop goes along. This is a peer community, and everyone is encouraged to contribute. This results in a co-created organic workshop that evolves as the days go by.


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