Registration Form CCI 2022

Date:  24-30 July 2022

Location: Nieuw-Allardsoog, Bakkeveen, The Netherlands



We are fully booked and cannot accept more registrations! Use this registration form only in case you would like to be put on our reserve list in case someone drops-off.


COVID 19  Restrictions

We are hosting an event for a full week, with many people in a room, sometimes tight together and sometimes even with close contact. Therefore we follow the official safety guidelines recommended by the Dutch Government.

The current situation (march 2022) is that there are no COVID-related limitations in the Netherlands, but these rules may change rapidly if COVID contamination increases. Therefore, you should check the up-to-date information before traveling to the Netherlands. See also:

You should also be aware of the rules in your own country, to ensure that you are allowed to travel back home.

Since we care about the health of all participants, we ask you to do a COVID test before arrival at the venue. If you have COVID symptoms, please stay at home or leave. At the start of the event, we will agree on additional safety rules like hugging or not, keeping distance, etc


Further questions

If you have questions of general nature about this event, you can contact us at

If you need financial support for joining this event, you can contact our treasurer at:



    1. Your details:


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    Phone #1 (fixed)

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    Above details on contact list? :

    2. COVID 19 restrictions:

    My protection measures against COVID 19 are:

    3. Your co-counseling background:

    I have had my fundamental co-counseling training.

    My fundamentals teacher(s) was/were:

    Number of years I have been practising co-counseling:


    Is this my first CCI:

    4. Booking Main event: (24-30 July 2022)

    Please book before March 15th, 2022, so that we can make our reservation at Nieuw Allardsoog final. Pricing details:

    • 560 Euro, Double room

    • 650 Euro, Single room (limited available)

    • 460 Euro, Camping (only 10 places)

    • -50 Euro, Early Birds discount (pay before March 15th)

    • +30 Euro, Late booking surcharge (pay after July 1st)

    • 350 Euro, participating only (including lunch and dinner), but without breakfast and without staying-over

    • 400 Euro, participating only (including lunch, dinner and breakfast), but without staying-over

    All single rooms have been booked and are not available anymore. We can put you on a reserve list, but cannot promise anything.

    Your preferred reservation:

    NOTES: If you need financial support for joining this event, contact us (see above)

    5. Booking Teachers' workshop: (22-24 July 2022)

    Prior to the main event, a teachers' workshop will be organized. Price will be 132 Euro, including all meals and overnight stay

    I would like to join the teachers' workshop:

    6. Payments:

    Payments are to be transfered to the following bank account

    • IBAN: NL47 TRIO 0320 0605 86


    • TO: CCN-CCI betaalrekening

    • Description: CCI 2022, followed by your name

    The total amount I will pay is:


    I have made a down payment of:


    Later on, I will transfer the remaining amount of:


    Your booking can only be confirmed when a deposit of 250 Euro has been received, but you may pay the full price at once as well. The full price has to be received before July 1st, 2022

    7. Food:

    Preferred meals:

    I have diet restrictions:

    My diet restrictions are:

    8. Room sharing:

    Room sharing (only for double rooms):

    specify person (optional):

    if you have specified someone, make sure it has been agreed with the other person!

    9. Additional remarks:

    If you need a stay before or after the CCI, you can write it here.

    If you have an offer for a stay at your home before or after the CCI, you can write it here as well.

    We will share this information among all participants, so that each of you can make arrangements yourself.

    You may also write here any other remarks relevant for the organizing team.