CCI 2022 in the Netherlands – Location




About 164 km from Schiphol airport (south of Amsterdam) by road

Public transport from Schiphol: 3 hour en 39 min, about €35,-


Route planning sites:
Nearest (28 km) train station is Assen. From Assen, there is a “Buurtbus” (only 8 seats) on Sundays, Arriva bus line 584 to Drachten, which goes every 17 minutes past the hour. It takes about 45 minutes.
On weekdays (Friday for the Teachers Weekend) there is a regular bus, Arriva bus line 84 to Drachten, leaving 1 minute before the whole hour. This one takes about 55 minutes.
Both leaving from perron F and the regular fare with OV chipcard is € 6.84.

The bus stops in Bakkeveen at the Brink (main Square). From there you can contact Eveline cell phone 00-31-6-19080706 and she or Sytse will come to take you to the venue.

You can pay for this busride with a normal of anonymous OV Card or with a PIN card. Cash payment is not possible on the Sunday bus.

When you are from outside the Netherlands, you can buy an anonymous OV card (€ 8.00) at any railway station, in the yellow ticket machines, or at most shops from Jumbo and Albert Heijn. Do not forget to upload / recharge your card with sufficient credit on it before checking in (at least €10). These ticket machines accept creditcards as well.
For indication: a one-way ticket from Schiphol airport (Amsterdam) to Assen costs € 27.80, and the regular bus from Assen to Bakkeveen costs € 6.84.

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